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Halls of Unrest (archaic ruins ambiences)

Halls of Unrest (archaic ruins ambiences)

This great monument, was once a place of reverence and peace, but now time and chaos have eroded its walls. A vile power has permeated not only the ancient stone, but the fallen who have been laid to rest here for millennia. Remembered. Honoured. Death now, no longer brings them peace. Tainted by the corrupt magic that plagues the halls, their spirits walk amongst the stones, bound to the curse. Lost, baleful and unable to rest.

Halls of Unrest is a collection of three 1 hour looping soundscapes for your Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Suitable for old abandoned castles or temples, haunted shrines, abbeys or underground dungeons. Its a mix of low rumbles and the ominous sound of ghostly voices, anguished moans and the stirring of the undead.

Downloads contains three 60 Minute looping MP3 files.

The tracks are very similar, but as the names suggest, one has the wind noise removed, whereas the other the wind noise is more prominent. You can check 1 minute samples of each of the tracks below...or explore Halls of Unrest on YouTube 

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