the page of origins

pray, who and what is this aesoterik i hear you ask...

Aesoterik is an artist owned creative business based in the enchanting roe valley in northern ireland. our aim is to equip you with assets and resources that enhance your worldbuilding projects or game campaigns; and provide inspiration and joy through creative artwork and handmade wares.

an aesoterik tale

grabeth an ale and let me tell you a story.

Call me Rian, for this is my name. Many (and I do mean many) winters ago I stumbled across a small tome belonging to my elder brother. Knowing his penchant for the art of fighting and almost inhuman ability to introduce a fist to my face without warning, I thought it best to pilfer said tome with the upmost stealth and guile.

After much trembling and sweating, fear and doubt were conquered both and the book was, at last, in my small, greedy mits. As I sat leafing through its pages, the imagery and words drew me in, conjuring, like some dark spell who's infectious fingers were stuck to my brain like a tick on a rats arse.

The tome I speak of was Citadel of Chaos, part of the immortal collection called Fighting Fantasy. Thus began an obsession with these books, the seduction of games like Heroquest, Warhammer and D&D and this love for creating artwork and assets that they have inspired.  

assets, maps and accessories for gaming and fantasy lovers.

hand crafted

made with dedication and love.

A lifetime of art and design practice and education is poured into every piece. Crafted with love, dedication and an obsession with all, things fantasy and medieval; Aesoterik aims to bring you unique curiosities, art, crafts and wares that are beautiful to look at...and to use.

As a graphic designer and educator, working in the industry since 1999 every font, digital brush and map is custom created with years of experience. Each character and mark starting its life as a pencil sketch with a sprinkling of carpel tunnel syndrome. Refined, digitized and refined some more the process can take weeks, if not months before they are deemed ready to go off into the world and aid authors, world builders and dungeon masters alike.