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Fablewood (forest ambiences)

Fablewood (forest ambiences)

Fablewood. An ancient forest said to be one of the last, natural sources of Druidic power. Tread carefully and with respect, for the calm of these woods belies a power beyond the grasp of mortals.

Add an extra dimension and level of immersion to your gaming session with two ambience forest soundscapes. Recorded in various woodlands and nature reserves throughout Northern Ireland.  Both MP3 tracks are 1 hour long and you can keep your players trapped amongst the trees for as long as you please ;)

Downloads contains two 60 Minute looping MP3 files.

The tracks are very similar, but as the names suggest, one has the wind noise removed, whereas the other the wind noise is more prominent. You can check 1 minute samples of each of the tracks below...or explore Fablewood on YouTube 

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