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Arcane Cipher

Arcane Cipher

Dungeon Masters and Games Masters, answer me this; have you ever wanted or needed to create a cryptic note or cipher puzzle for a campaign or game session? If so then, pray, read on....

Arcane Cipher is a mystical, fantasy font; strange and archaic glyphs that stretch beyond the realm of time, their source unknown, yet their power feared and respected across the realms.

Containing all 26 letters of the English/Latin alphabet, numerals and basic punctutaion marks, Arcane Cipher is the perfect font for creating digital or physical handouts; suitable for everything from magic incantations, powerful ancient carvings to clandestine notes and word puzzles.

The download not only contains the font files but also 5 PSD puzzle and cipher templates with editable Arcane Cipher text, so you can quickly create puzzles and clues to mystify and intrigue your players, and bring additional depth and immersion to your story and gaming sessions. You will also get 3 PDF files containing quick tips and tricks on how to use the templates, as well as ideas on potential puzzle ideas to incorporate into your campaigns. There are also 4 PNG grid elements and 2 square block brushes (for Photoshop and Procreate) so you can create your own diabolical puzzles.

Download Features:

  • TTF font formats
  • OTF font formats
  • WOFF formats
  • 5 Editable puzzle templates (.psd)
  • 4 grid elements (.png)
  • 2 Square block brushes (for Photoshop and Procreate)
  • 3 PDF files with tips and puzzle ideas
  • Licensed for Personal and Commercial use



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