100 Orc names for your dnd and rpg characters and npcs

100 Orc names for your dnd and rpg characters and npcs

WAAAAAAAAA.....t is this!!? Orcs, Orks, Greenskins, The Horde call them what you will collectively, but here's a list of names you can give to those bloodthirsty brutes. Whether you're playing Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, AOS or even Warhammer 40K you should find a suitable name for that tusked spleenrippa in this free pdf.

Here's a sample of the feral names: 

Skirvaâk, Agrumi, Khalineth, Teskâla, Skirganesh, Gorkahn, Ahzgûl, Grimfang and Drokânesh.

As with previous lists, the names are split into male and female categories and each is supplied in colour, as well as a print friendly black and white variant. Each list has the names provided in both alphabetical order and in a random d100 order table. 

The list comes is a Free 4 Page PDF. (1.5MB in size) 

 top down photos showing previewed of printed or names list and pdf on an ipad

 View, download or print the PDF using the button below. Enjoy :)

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